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Edible Flowers

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Recently a customer asked, “Do you have a list of edible flowers?”  Apparently conventional fruits and vegetables aren’t hittin’ the spot…

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Protect Your Crops from Frost!

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Easy Tunnel row covers are lightweight, collapsible, reusable fabric tunnels that accordion outwards to protect garden crops from severe weather, pests, and wind. They install in minutes, can be used for many seasons, and extend your crop time by several weeks in spring and fall.

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This Fall, Build Your Garden Soil

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Fall is the ideal time to work on the quality of your garden soil. If you have time before first frost, grow a quick crop of peas or beans to chop up and add to the soil, or a cover crop of legume grasses. If time is short, layer a lasagne garden of biodegradable materials to break down and create rich new soil for next spring’s crops.

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Don’t Let Frost Nip Your Garden!

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Add weeks to your fall and winter garden with Easy Tunnels from Haxnicks. These durable, weather-tough telescoping row covers admit light and air while keeping the temperature within a full 4 degrees warmer than outdoors. Extend your vegetable and herb season, keep tender and tropical plants growing longer, and protect against nibbling animals with Easy Tunnels.

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